BEGO Security Plus

The unique, all-round, worry-free guarantee for BEGO implant care – reimburses dental fees, laboratory and material costs

BEGO Security Plus

Implant care with BEGO Semados® implants can be guaranteed by BEGO Security Plus with a guarantee commitment of 5 years from the date of implant. Our guarantee offers a unique, all-round, worry-free package for the dentist, patient and laboratory and is based on the cost reimbursement principle. In addition to the reimbursement of material costs and laboratory costs, the dental fees are also reimbursed. This means high quality implant care has additional added value and the patient has greater levels of security.

Overview of the benefits for you

Reimburses you for dental fees, laboratory costs and material costs

No contract required

Minimal administrative effort

Minor costs

60-month guarantee from implant

Applies to all BEGO implants and prosthetic care

All of the information applies taking into account the guarantee conditions.

BEGO Security Plus services

Guarantee commitment 5 years
Free material costs (implants and prosthetic components) following implant loss yes
Treatment costs (surgery) covered yes
Augmentation (e.g. sinus lift) included yes
Limited rate of increase yes (max. rate 3.5)
X-ray costs included yes
Laboratory costs (dentistry) included yes
Dental alloys included yes
New treatment costs limited yes (EUR 2,500.00 per individual implant;
max. EUR 20,000.00 for all care)
Check-up appointments yes (once per year/twice per year recommended)
License partner contract required no
BEGO CAD/CAM components covered yes
Implant loss during the healing phase (no osseointegration/"early loss") free replacement of materials


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – BEGO Security Plus

The BEGO Security Plus system is built to be free of liability. No evidence needs to be provided. This means no lengthy statements are needed either – we rely on what you tell us.

We replace BEGO Semados® implants that do not integrate into the bone with new BEGO Semados® implants free of charge. We do not cover the treatment costs for the second implant.

See point 7 of the guarantee conditions*

The guarantee commitment still stands. There are no disadvantages for the patient as a result.

Yes, like all other medically necessary measures augmentative procedures are covered by the guarantee commitment. In addition to the dental fees, the necessary materials (suture materials, bone replacement materials, membranes etc.) are also covered by the guarantee.

Any changes to the patient's anatomy cannot be covered by this guarantee.

You still need these to cover your operational risks. Liability insurance pays out if you are to blame for something and this can be proven.

We will provide you with a BEGO Security Plus patient pass where you can list all of the services provided and batch-managed products. You explain the need for regular check-ups at least once a year to the patient (we recommend twice a year for implants). The patient gets all of the rest of the information from the patient pass.

In Germany there is a ban on enrichment in insurance. The excess is EUR 50.00 per implant.*

The guarantee commitment still stands even then. There are no disadvantages for the patient if they choose to exercise their right to choose a dentist freely.

* All of the information applies taking into account the respective guarantee  conditions.

BEGO can provide evidence of having introduced and using a quality management system for medical devices according to
EN ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.

In 2022, BEGO once again won a "Top 100" award for special innovative performance.